Our Services

We have developed a system that maximizes customer service as well as appraiser compliance & quality while keeping the personal "Boutique" AMC feel that everyone deserves.

We Locate Your Appraiser

We find your certified appraiser right away, so you receive the appraisal you need . . . for any appraisal type. Our certified appraisers are highly trained and experienced professionals. They are experts in estimating market value for your property. Our appraisers submit their value conclusions with the right forms or narrative formats, eliminating costly mistakes. We carefully monitor personnel and our real estate appraiser team; our goal is to maximize the quality of your appraisal with optimum efficiency.
We have taken our time to select the only the best appraisers for our fee panel. We are a professional appraisal management company providing national appraisal service.
We find and select licenced and certified real estate appraisers who best fit and are the most competent for the appraisal being performed for that area. We monitor the appraisal process ensuring that a highly qualified appraisal will be delivered in the most timely way possible to our clients. We service our clients on a national level.

We Manage Your Real Estate Appraisal

Our service includes monitoring and evaluating your appraisal, from the start to completion of your appraisal. Every appraisal must pass through a rigorous checkpoint system to confirm completeness and industry standard quality prior to delivery.

Professional Licensed Appraisers Deliver Quality Results

Your appraisal is reviewed by trained personnel. We avoid automated review systems that attempt to analyze the data selection and value conclusions of the appraiser. Experience has shown us such systems are often unreliable, and counter productive. These automated quality evaluations tend to reduce efficiency by flagging those issues that an experienced and competent real estate appraiser would have already identified and addressed.